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The End in Mentes en blanco

Last monday (7/11) I went the FM radio show “Mentes en blanco” where a some members of the “The End” where to do an exclusive interview and to perform some unplugged songs.

Gorgui Moffatt, Matias Dietrich and Henán Simó chatted during an hour remembering things from their beginning as a band until their latest 20th Aniversary show at the Gran Rex.

During the show they delighted us with three wonderful songs “Confortably Numb“, “Pigs on the wind” and “Wish you where here” (the full interview and the songs can be downloaded here)

As usual I took some pictures to freeze the moment and to remember it.


c98-20110711_201422_049_NIKON D300S.jpgc90-20110711_201442_051_NIKON D300S.jpgc72-20110711_201553_056_NIKON D300S.jpgc12-20110711_202008_067_NIKON D300S.jpgc61-20110711_202233_074_NIKON D300S.jpgc72-20110711_203632_108_NIKON D300S.jpgc33-20110711_203859_114_NIKON D300S.jpgc6-20110711_204201_126_NIKON D300S.jpgc0-20110711_205255_152_NIKON D300S.jpgc1-20110711_210614_202_NIKON D300S.jpg

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The End – A concert in a song – Day two

Second day of a two-day concert, at the Samsung Studio in Buenos Aires by The End. (February 9, 2011)

This time a lighter song was picked (Brain damage/Eclipse) and again nearly 600 pictures were used to make the video.

On this day I was on the other side of the stage, there was less light and more focused one than the day before (a red and a blue light that killed me all night long).

Many of the pictures made a good conversion into black and white.

Here you can see the final video and some pictures of the concert.



c10-20110219_232838_0904_NIKON D300S.jpgc100-20110219_232016_0760_NIKON D300S.jpgc11-20110219_234253_1125_NIKON D300S.jpgc17-20110219_222846_0348_NIKON D300S.jpgc19-20110219_233012_0939_NIKON D300S-Edit.jpgc30-20110219_232540_0843_NIKON D300S.jpgc36-20110219_223333_0411_NIKON D300S.jpgc4-20110220_002734_1919_NIKON D300S.jpgc40-20110219_215737_0063_NIKON D300S.jpgc41-20110219_233947_1095_NIKON D300S.jpgc45-20110219_224037_0511_NIKON D300S.jpgc45-20110219_232721_0874_NIKON D300S.jpgc50-20110219_220711_0114_NIKON D300S.jpgc60-20110220_003037_1953_NIKON D300S.jpgc66-20110220_003313_2022_NIKON D300S.jpgc67-20110219_231953_0729_NIKON D300S.jpgc74-20110220_000327_1459_NIKON D300S.jpgc77-20110219_223551_0451_NIKON D300S.jpgc90-20110220_000354_1476_NIKON D300S.jpg

You want to see more pictures from that day, follow this link to the Facebook album.

The concert was on February 19, 2011, I don’t know how did I get the other date.

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The End – A concert in a song – Day one

This is the first post, let’s hope the first of many to come, it is a timelapse (kind of) made with nearly 600 fotos taken during a gig by The End in Buenos Aires on February 8, 2011.

I’ll post the gallery photos of the concert in a later post, or you can see them at The Ends oficial facebook page.

I always felt that only a tiny selection of the photos I took in a concert actually where seen or published, and that many of the unpublished/unseen ones where also nice material and something could be done with them.

Reading Ted Ratcliff 80 days – 8000 photos blog post and watching the video I realized that something similar could be done with the unseen pictures of many concerts, so I started to work and think about it.

Here is the result, I hope you like it and find it intresting.



You want to see more pictures from that day, follow this link to the Facebook album.

The concert was on February 18, 2011, I don’t know how did I get the other date. 

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