I love to take pictures.

I love to experiment with photography.

I started taking pictures a long time ago in the film era and after a few years of good pictures, life and everything else got in the way and the photography lingered into oblivion.

A few years ago I got in digital photography when I bought a Nikon while traveling in New York (love Adorama and B&H). And the spark started the engine again.

I returned to an old love in a new environment. Digital changed everything so I went down this path trying to keep up to speed with technology and photography. I started to learn photoshop, lightroom, and every little piece of the modern workflow.

I learned everything online, forums, podcasts, videos, you name it, you will find it.

I have to say thank you to all the people that share their knowledge on-line, the people that take care of the newbies and help them. Among those people

I enjoy every show/video conference that I can put my hands on.

The things I like to photograph are panoramas, HDR, concerts, people, almost anything that gets in my way. But beyond that, I like to experiment new things, and new challenges of a profession which has only one boundary, one limitation: your own imagination.

The idea with this site is to build a place to share the knowledge, the experience, the hard learning, and obviously Pictures.

Feel free to visit the site, comment, link to it, share it.