Monthly Archives: Agosto 2011

Juan Ponce de Leon at Boris Jazz Club

A few weeks ago I was invited by my friends of Shine-On Entretainment to the presentation of the latest record from Juan Ponce de Leon “No me esperabas” at Boris Jazz Club.

I had an excellent time listening to Juan and his band and I also had fun taking some pictures during the gig, I hope you like them.


PS: Juan Ponce de Leon Facebook page can be found here

c44-20110728_201211_0088_NIKON D300S.jpgc31-20110728_202200_0284_NIKON D300S.jpgc1-20110728_202440_0364_NIKON D300S-Edit.jpgc61-20110728_202649_0387_NIKON D300S.jpgc47-20110728_222523_0784_NIKON D300S.jpgc100-20110728_222546_0794_NIKON D300S.jpgc50-20110728_222714_0837_NIKON D300S.jpgc74-20110728_223142_0872_NIKON D300S-Edit.jpgc33-20110728_223946_0963_NIKON D300S.jpgc78-20110728_224407_1002_NIKON D300S.jpgc24-20110728_224428_1014_NIKON D300S.jpgc97-20110728_224533_1025_NIKON D300S.jpgc100-20110728_225258_1116_NIKON D300S.jpgc6-20110728_225300_1118_NIKON D300S.jpgc87-20110728_230250_1205_NIKON D300S.jpgc15-20110728_231037_1315_NIKON D300S.jpg