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The End in Mentes en blanco

Last monday (7/11) I went the FM radio show “Mentes en blanco” where a some members of the “The End” where to do an exclusive interview and to perform some unplugged songs.

Gorgui Moffatt, Matias Dietrich and Henán Simó chatted during an hour remembering things from their beginning as a band until their latest 20th Aniversary show at the Gran Rex.

During the show they delighted us with three wonderful songs “Confortably Numb“, “Pigs on the wind” and “Wish you where here” (the full interview and the songs can be downloaded here)

As usual I took some pictures to freeze the moment and to remember it.


c98-20110711_201422_049_NIKON D300S.jpgc90-20110711_201442_051_NIKON D300S.jpgc72-20110711_201553_056_NIKON D300S.jpgc12-20110711_202008_067_NIKON D300S.jpgc61-20110711_202233_074_NIKON D300S.jpgc72-20110711_203632_108_NIKON D300S.jpgc33-20110711_203859_114_NIKON D300S.jpgc6-20110711_204201_126_NIKON D300S.jpgc0-20110711_205255_152_NIKON D300S.jpgc1-20110711_210614_202_NIKON D300S.jpg