The End – A concert in a song – Day two

Second day of a two-day concert, at the Samsung Studio in Buenos Aires by The End. (February 9, 2011)

This time a lighter song was picked (Brain damage/Eclipse) and again nearly 600 pictures were used to make the video.

On this day I was on the other side of the stage, there was less light and more focused one than the day before (a red and a blue light that killed me all night long).

Many of the pictures made a good conversion into black and white.

Here you can see the final video and some pictures of the concert.



c10-20110219_232838_0904_NIKON D300S.jpgc100-20110219_232016_0760_NIKON D300S.jpgc11-20110219_234253_1125_NIKON D300S.jpgc17-20110219_222846_0348_NIKON D300S.jpgc19-20110219_233012_0939_NIKON D300S-Edit.jpgc30-20110219_232540_0843_NIKON D300S.jpgc36-20110219_223333_0411_NIKON D300S.jpgc4-20110220_002734_1919_NIKON D300S.jpgc40-20110219_215737_0063_NIKON D300S.jpgc41-20110219_233947_1095_NIKON D300S.jpgc45-20110219_224037_0511_NIKON D300S.jpgc45-20110219_232721_0874_NIKON D300S.jpgc50-20110219_220711_0114_NIKON D300S.jpgc60-20110220_003037_1953_NIKON D300S.jpgc66-20110220_003313_2022_NIKON D300S.jpgc67-20110219_231953_0729_NIKON D300S.jpgc74-20110220_000327_1459_NIKON D300S.jpgc77-20110219_223551_0451_NIKON D300S.jpgc90-20110220_000354_1476_NIKON D300S.jpg

You want to see more pictures from that day, follow this link to the Facebook album.

The concert was on February 19, 2011, I don’t know how did I get the other date.

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